About Us

Viet Duong International Education Development Co., Ltd was established in March 2004 under the business registration license number 0101524183 issued by Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment. With its main function, it is an institution specializing in training and consulting about study abroad.

The company has extensive relationships with many prestigious international educational institutions in the world.

All partners, international high schools, colleges and universities of Viet Duong are recognized by the educational agencies and are very reputable. Thanks to a rich partner system as well as extensive relationships, Viet Duong Company has been providing a lot of learning opportunities to meet the needs and learning capacity of Vietnamese students.


  • We want to be the organization specializing in consultant and education that brings the best service and opportunities to satisfy all our clients ‘ needs in choosing the education path and all necessary skills to help them succeed in their life as they want to be.
  • Being highly Trusted and priority Selected by Clients in the whole of Viet Nam and by all Domestic – International Partners.


  • Our deepest purpose as an organization is helping to support the young generation of Vietnam choosing Education Path and Skills to make them confident to reach Dream by designing life and the future as they want to be.

6 Super TRUST

1 SUPER – We want to follow 5 stars standard for all value.
– All works are done and guild professionally in written.
2 TRUST Trust is above all
3 RESPONSIBILITY Commitment with 100% responsibility to bring the best quality for Clients ‘ Success.
4 UNDERSTANDING Deeply understanding Clients to bring the best value and opportunities to meet the right need of all Clients.
5 SERVING Devoting and serving for the common benefit of all Clients, Partners, Company members and the Community on Principle of 4WIN.
6 TEAMWORK It is a combination of the Team‘s Strenth on the foundation of LOVE – UNION – DISCIPLINE-MUTUAL SUPPORT through Creation, Personal Development, Improving quality to bring more value for Clients ‘ Sucess

Why choose Viet Duong

  • Commitment to 100% responsibility to bring the best quality to customers
  • Brand reputation is always on the top.
  • Continuously improve quality and service.
  • Commit to implementing five core values.


Mrs Le Hai Yen
CEO – Viet Duong IED Company Ltd

I realize that Education is the most powerful tool to develop ourselves and change the world. That‘s why I always learn to develop myself every day and look for the best global learning opportunities to share with Vietnamese students. With the effort, I want to contribute for promoting Vietnam’s economic and educational development through young resources trained in advance education across the globe and connecting international training opportunities in Viet Nam.”