Huỳnh Minh Việt hiện là một du học sinh tại Stanford, California. CLB Du học xin được giới thiệu một vài kinh nghiệm của bạn trong quá trình nộp đơn vào đại học tại Mỹ.

Hey guys,

I'm Viet, a sophomore at Stanford University, California. Prior to my undergraduate here, I attended school in Vietnam until grade 9 and then went to high school in Singapore. I worked at the Stanford Admission Office for a while, and the officers there share some useful tips. Hope this helps. Let me know if I can help in any way.


What are they looking for?

1.Academic excellence: your performance in school based on transcripts. Be smart here, you don’t have to send all the reports! Of course you must send your prelim, your promotional, and your midyear examination results. As for the midterms, just choose the “betters” to send.

2.SATs: Remember to work hard. My advice is not to take the SAT more than 3 times and don’t take the test if you feel that you are not ready. It would be a waste of money and your SAT report will not look good. A big improvement in your scores will impress the officers.

3.Leardership: whether you have held any leadership position, whether you have led a group of students working on any projects, whether you are a team captain in anything

4. Community Service: Try to elaborate your public service activities and be honest about that. What have you done to benefit the community? What you WISH to do later in your life to help others?

5.Personal Statement: This component will help the officers to pick the best candidates. Spend as much time in this part of the application as you can. After you write the essays (long and short), remember to let your friends and teachers see and comment on your work. A spelling mistake will send a bad signal to the readers.

6.Teacher’s recommendations: Your teachers will be very busy marking your exams papers. Please allow them more time to work on the letters. You should give them the forms at least one week in advance. Take note, you MUST remind them of the letters. Some busy teachers will accidentally forget until the last day, and therefore they won’t be able to write strong recommendations. I would strongly advise you to urge your teachers to fill in the forms AND attach an additional letter to talk more about you.

To help your teachers in writing a forceful and personal letter, you should give them your resume and a list of interesting things about you that your teachers MAY refer to if they have time.

7. Potential to growth: your bad results in grade 10 and better results in grade 11 may signal to the readers that you are improving in your studies. However, bad midterms and good final results may imply that you are a lazy student and only work at the end of the year! You should show that you have the potential to grow, no matter how your current situation is.
Special achievements: your Olympiads medals, your special talents, your national champions… Don’t be too humble about your achievements. Be honest. Unless you need to TELL people how good you are, they won't know!

8.Background: tell them if you have an interesting background.

General advice:

*Make use of Early Action/Early Decision policy. Choose your favorite and your most matching (your interests and your ability) college and apply ED.

*Consider financial aid for rich colleges. Rich and prestigious colleges will give aid if you are a strong candidate.
*Don’t write too short an essay. Make full use of the space to tell as much information about you as possible because the readers will not have the chance to ask you for additional information – there’s no interview! A too brief essay may mean that you are either rushing for time, or you put little effort in the application. The more time and effort you put in an application, the more impressive it will be.

*If possible, try to fill in as many online forms as the colleges allow you to. Online forms will save the college time. You should send ALL your forms together in one big parcel. Don’t be bother to buy nice envelops because the admission officers won’t see your envelops. They only see the forms!

*Be honest and sincere. The admission officers are extremely experienced in detecting dishonesty.

*Start early so that you will have time to edit your applications.

*Email the colleges if you have any doubts. 
--From Vietabroader
Hotline: 09 1894 0355
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